DNZap.com is a low-cost marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of domain names.  While all types of domains may be bought and sold on our website, we focus primarily on fixed-supply, highly liquid numeric and LLLL domains that appeal to Western and Asian buyers alike.

While many aftermarket venues charge as high as 30% on successful sales, our commissions start as low as 2%. This is especially beneficial to domain investors who look to flip their domain names for relatively modest profits. At an auction site charging 20% commission, for instance, a seller must mark up their domain price by 25% just to break even. Even at a markup of 50%, most (60%) of the profit goes to the auction venue.

Our commissions are some of the lowest– if not the lowest– in the industry.  By offering free listings and super-low commissions, we give sellers an incentive to price their domains more attractively, leading to more sales and greater domain liquidity. As passionate domainers ourselves, we understand the need for a low-cost solution to enable fellow domain investors to make more sales and keep more of their profits. We believe our business model creates a win-win situation for both domain buyers and sellers alike.